December 17, 2013

Potentially Fabulous Craigslist, Vol. 1: Charlotte

I am a habitual Craigslist-er. H and I furnished our entire house with Craigslist finds when we first got married, and over the years I have used Craigslist to sell the old stuff and slowly upgrade. I still search my local Craigslist just to see what's out there, and I'm always finding great things that I think have so much potential. That's the deal with have to be willing to look past ugly upholstery and crappy pictures to see something fabulous!

Since I love doing this so much, I figured I would turn it into a series on the blog. I'll change up the cities each time! I love searching other cities just to see what's out there. First up, Charlotte, NC!

This couch is super long and has great lines. How fab would it look upholstered in a navy velvet?

These chairs are so fun. I really do like the yellow, but I think I'd upholster the seat in a patterned fabric (les touches, perhaps?) and paint the chair a sleek gold. A great way to add some classic glam to a breakfast nook!

I also really love this octagonal glass table. I would leave it as-is, and add some skirted chairs with a bold pattern.

This bamboo shelf would make a fabulous bar cart. I love that it almost looks like tortoise shell.

This is a really awful picture, but this is a really awesome dining set. I've been looking for something like this for my breakfast nook. I'd either leave the chairs white, or paint them a sleek black, maybe with a vinyl seat in faux ostrich.

Speaking of alabaster lamps...

These are chairs are a little high for me, but they are just too amazing not to include. I'd leave the tulip base white, but the rest is really filled with endless possibilities! I think the best bet is to leave the seat black, and paint the arms and back gold. 

And last but certainly not least, this.
The best part? That's not even the painting you'll get. The one your purchase is guaranteed to look "very similar to" the one you see here. I can't even.

Have you found anything great on Craigslist lately? Anyone have a George Costanza painting that looks "similar" to this? Please say yes.

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  1. Such great finds! I am a total CL junkie and am always surprised with the awesome things people sell!

  2. Hahaha that painting is fabulous. I love the first sofa!

  3. SO many amazing finds! And that last picture KILLS me!! I could only imagine what similar thing you'd get?! Haaaa!

  4. I would take the wine cart immediately even though I don't drink wine. I could make it a tea cart. You did not put how much they want for George. Not sure what room that should go in. Love your post.

    1. Hi Nancy! He was actually $125...haha! I'm not sure where he'd go, either...

  5. Please tell me you got the lamps! So jealous that the STL craigslist has no good alabaster lamps right now!

    1. I didn't get them! They're still saved as a bookmark, though. I have no place to put them, so I'm just torturing myself my looking at the tab every day!

  6. Please tell me you got the lamps! The STL area has none right now :(

  7. Replies
    1. I love the couch, too! So classic.


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