January 17, 2012

DIY Baby Shower

For the past week and a half, my very pregnant best friend Jessica visited with us. She has been living in Cairo, Egypt, for the past few years with her Husband, and I only get to see her about once a year {if I'm lucky}. I wanted to take advantage of her short stay with us, so I decided to throw her a baby shower! The entire thing was done on a very small budget, and I made most of the decor for the shower. I've never thrown a baby shower before, so it was an interesting {but fun!} experience.

I wanted to share some pictures of the shower with you, and a few tips on how to throw a baby shower on a budget! {Beware: photo overload. Consider yourself warned!}

I bought 2 plastic-y table cloths from the dollar store to cover up my not-yet-painted TV Stand. I didn't want people coming into my house and thinking that I was going to leave it as-is, banana pudding-colored and all! I used the dresser as the dessert table, and brought out the famous tissue paper flowers. These babies are gettin' some use, let me tell ya! I made the bunting banner from some leftover fabric that I painted with gold and pink polka dots. It was a total last minute thing, and it was completely free, since I had all of the materials!

In the Dining Room, I made several different sizes of tissue paper pom-poms. You can find the tutorials anywhere on the internet, but I used good 'ol Martha's. I draped crepe paper from the dollar store down the sides of the tables like a curtain as well. It was probably a fire hazard, but it looked presh.

For the beverage bar, I reused the Beverage Containers that I bought for $4 a piece during the Summer. I also bought a pack of 144 striped straws from ZGallerie {$6.95!} and used some mason jars and champagne glasses that I already had {don't judge, I like champagne}.

We had sparkling pink lemonade mixed with champagne {well, all of us except the baby mama}, and I bought these darling little straw flags on Etsy {$4 for 25}. I wrote "Cheers!" on each flag.

{see? total fire hazard}

I bought these wooden plaques for $1 each at AC Moore, and spray painted the inside part with chalkboard paint so I could use them as labels.

We made white chocolate-covered pretzels with pink sprinkles. Uh-may-zing.

Coconut Macaroons and some leftover flags I had from a previous party {$1 a pack at big Lots}.

My friend made a vegan cookie cake and vegan cupcakes for the shower! Super delicious, and it looked adorable with the baby's monogram {Sofia Ryhana Darif}.

We tore a page out of an old nursery rhyme book and popped it in a frame.

I bought a pack of vintage flash cards for .25 cents at a thrift store in the mountains of NC. I used the letters to spell out "Sofia", and hung them with clothespins from twine.

More pom-poms! Not gonna lie, I didn't want to take these down.

The food was super easy and super cheap. Potato salad, veggies and dip, fruit, stuffed cucumber rolls, popcorn, and lunch meat skewers.

I cut the fruit and put in in waffle cones so that it would be easy to hold. It looked so cute!

I ordered these chevron bags off of Etsy as well {$6 for 25}, and popped some caramel corn to put inside {did you know that they make carmel corn that you can pop at home? Cheap and delicious!}

Veggie and lunch meat skewers- everything you want on one kabob!

Cream cheese and dill stuffed cucumbers {I made this last minute with things I had in the fridge. They were pretty delicious}.

Looooooots of popcorn {"She's ready to 'pop'!" Get it? Lame}.

On the entry, I put the favors {lavender bunches} and the "Wish Tree" {everyone writes a wish for the baby and hangs it on the tree}. I made the tree with sticks from the yard, and put them in a vase with some moss. The hanging cards were cut from two sheets of scrapbook paper and hung with some ribbon!

The lavender favors said "shukran", which is Arabic for "thank-you". My BFF and her husband both speak Arabic, so I thought that it would be a lovely gesture!

Hellllooo there!

Easy and convenient!

I bought this wooden plaque at Goodwill a while back for $1, and I knew that I would use it eventually. I painted it with chalkboard paint, painted the edges a light pink, and glued and extra flower I had lying around on to it! Cute, and cost me $1!

I pulled out my basket of scrap fabric and ribbons, and the guests each decorated a onesie for the baby. They turned out great, and I realized that I have some very talented friends!

We also played the dreaded "Guess the Flavor of the Baby Food" game, which, coincidentally, was hilarious.

Wishes for the baby.

The group with our onesies!

All in all, it was easy and cheap. I think I spent around $100 on everything, including the food and decor. If you have any questions about sources, let me know in the comments and I will answer them for you!


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  1. You did a great job! Love the details, I really like the decorate a onesie game i did that at my baby shower too.

  2. Great shower!! I love to see how people do them! Love all the details!

  3. ummmmm ahhhmazing!!!! You did such an incredible job?! Can I pay you to host a baby shower for me one day!? lol! Love it girl!! p.s did you finally get a new camera?! :) Pics look great!

  4. Yes! Can you tell?! I finally have my baby back! I've already filled up my entire memory card with random pictures, ha!

  5. i LOVE it, Shannon! you are so talented. i may have to "borrow" some of these ideas. :)

  6. I'm planning a shower for my friend now and just want to copy all of this - so perfect!


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