January 29, 2015

A Fresh Face for Burlap and Lace // Thoughts for 2015

"The beginning is always today." // Mary Shelley

January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites and Weekend Reading.

Happy Friday! I'm so glad it's the weekend. My fingers (and toes!) are crossed for snow this weekend. I want a blizzard, city shut down, watch Netflix at 2pm kind of snow. Ya feel me, DC?

Friday Favories

1. I've written about these shoes before, but I can't stop thinking about them. They're definitely on my must-buy list for our Euro trip.

2. Is this the perfect scarf, or what?

3. I've been digging statement studs recently, and I think I need to try these cool ear crawlers. It's my favorite style- fem with an edge.

4. My lips have been crazy dry this Winter, and I've heard such great things about this Agave Balm by BITE. It's in my Sephora shopping cart (which is never empty, really).

5. This bag just made it to the top of my dream bag wish list.

// also, I'm going to start including some of my favorite links from around the blogosphere in these posts. I love reading them on other people's blogs. are we ok with this? good. //

// I have been sporting this nail look recently, and I kind of love it.

// Chunky knits and chic hats, all day, every day.

// Did you know turtleneck hair was a thing? I call it Tuesday.

// I'm an obsessive packer/planner, so I was ecstatic to discover Hitha's blog.

// Brittany is brilliant and I'm going to steal this idea.

// 52 Places to Go in 2015.

// Love this teen boy makeover!

// Home decor for men.

// A terrarium DIY.

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January 22, 2015

#likeabossparty Recap

Are you ready for a photo overload and the longest event recap ever? GOOD NEWS! You're in for a treat today! In December, my friend Teri and I hosted a get together for local designers, bloggers, and business owners and called it the Like a Boss Party. The idea was to host a holiday party for local entrepreneurs that might not work in a traditional office environment, and therefore might not have an office Christmas party to attend! Today I want to share a recap of the event, which was held at the gorgeous Timothy Paul Bedding + Home.

The mega talented Abby Jiu snapped some photos of the event. I am so glad she was there to document everything with her talented eye!

Isn't Teri just the cutest? She's super talented and fun, so if you don't follow her already, you should.  

Timothy Paul's store is gorgeous and gigantic, and was the perfect place to host an event. Why not shop while sipping champagne and networking with local entrepreneurs?

Every guest took home a gorgeous tote bag from Dream State Shop.

We gave away a few items from small shops that we love, including this pretty necklace from Wrist Soiree.

The decor was made by Stephanie Shives Studio. She made these gorgeous tassel garlands (don't you love the palette?), and also sent us some awesome balloon letters and giant white balloons!

Local florist and blogger Liza of Studio DBI created stunning floral arrangements for the event. I love hydrangea, and these were just perfect.

We also gave away a beautiful jeweled pillow from Belquist. Brittany is another blogger based out of Boston and is uber talented (and so nice!). You have to check out her shop!

Now, on to the wine! We were lucky enough to serve wine from a local winery, Great Frogs. Great Frogs is located in Annapolis, and has the most picturesque property. It looks like a post card! Seriously, check out this snap I took when I was there last. Plus, the wine is delicious!

My dear friend Bradley played bartender for the night. Doesn't he look dapper in his bowtie? #sassyandclassy

The local (right around the corner from me) Heller's Bakery provided the cookies for the event. I am SO sad to say that they have since closed up shop, but you can still order online! It's worth it just for the bagels. Seriously.

The Manic Moose sent us these great props to use in our Instagram Photobooth (#likeabossparty). 

And the people! The people were so great. It was so nice to meet so many like-minded and ambitious people, who are supportive and understanding.

The lovely Mariella and Jennifer

Anna and Kerra

And of course, there were lots of Instagram pictures from the event as well! Check out the #likeabossparty tag on Instagram to see them all. Everyone is so lovely!

And in everyone's tote, we snuck a custom #likeaboss planner from Minted, and a pen and notebook from Poppin!

A big thank you to our sponsors!

Thank you to everyone who attended! We are pleased to announce that this is going to be a yearly event! We're already thinking about next year... ;)

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