March 31, 2015


Hi friends! I'm back in the USA, and after recovering from days worth of traveling home and catching up on that confusing jet-lag, I'm ready for a new week! Coming home to my apartment and the warmer weather, I got so excited about Spring. And my favorite thing to do when spring rolls around? Throw open those windows, cut some fresh flowers, do some organizing, and fluff my home with pretty things! So I decided to pass on my excitement to you, and for the month of April, I will be offering 20% off to new Shannon Claire Interiors e-design clients!

You can check out my portfolio here, as well as read all about what e-design entails here. If you're so over those cold winter months and are looking for a new look for your home, make sure to e-mail me today!

The best way to welcome the spring is with a new fresh feel to your space. I can help you do that! Now, throw open those windows and smell the flowers! I will be back this week with an exciting announcement and a few snaps from my trip of a lifetime.

E-mail me at or here. I look forward to working with you!


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