October 20, 2014

DIY FILES: Painted Donut Pumpkins

Or the post that shall henceforth be known as "Punkin' Donuts".

A few weeks ago, I snagged three small white pumpkins from Trader Joes for .69 cents each. I brought them home, and debated on what to do with them. Succulent planters? Paint them all an ombre of the same shade? No...donuts. Yeah, that's it. Donuts. 

(I was also in week two of my Whole 30, and donuts sounded like the best thing in the world to me. It was definitely a stomach-over-mind decision)

You don't really need a detailed tutorial for this one, but I have these handy little steps all created for you just in case! So, step one: choose your pumpkins. This seems to look best on the short, fat ones. You know, the ones shaped like donuts. (also, in week two of Whole 30, Nick's head was beginning to look like a donut, so there's that). 

Step two: choose an icing color to paint. I picked a light pink (strawberry) and a brown (chocolate).

Step three: dot on your sprinkles. I used five different colors and five different brushes to dot these on. Make sure to make them oblong and not round so they look more like sprinkles!

And there you go! But whatever you do, don't take a bite outta these guys. It probably won't be delicious.

Make sure to pin this for your next pumpkin painting party! It's so simple, and would a great project for kids, too!

Have you done any pumpkin decorating yet this year? Have you made pumpkin seeds (aka, the best things in the world)? 

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October 17, 2014

FILE THIS: Friday Favorites

It's finally Friday! Here is what I'm loving this week, which coincidentally could be combined to create a super casual chic Fall outfit. It wasn't planned, but I'm not mad at it!

Friday Favorites

1. Who doesn't love a good contrast? This coat from Goodnight Macaroon need to get in my closet, stat. (PS- that store is chock full of gorgeous and reasonably priced things!)

2. One day, I will have a gorgeous and chic leather bucket bag. (PSS- take 25% off with code FAMILY 25!)

3. I just bought this plaid blanket scarf last week, and I've already worn it five times. It's a great dupe of a Zara scarf that's no longer available, but it's a much better price!

4. Classic. Navy. Stunning. Oh, and 25% off with code FAMILY25

5. I have somehow never owned a pair of Converse shoes. These are my favorite, and would look effortlessly chic with distressed jeans for casual city days.

There are also some really great sales going on this weekend!

ShopBop Friends and Family Sale - 25% off with code FAMILY25

Jonathan Adler Friends and Family Sale - 20% off with code FF2014

West Elm - 20% off dining furniture

Ann Taylor -  75% off of clearance items (some CRAZY prices!)

What are you up to this weekend? Sunday is Nick's 20th birthday, so I planned us a long weekend away on Chincoteague Island. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to follow along on our travels!

Happy Weekend!

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October 16, 2014

One Room Challenge- Week Three {Holy Crap}

HOLY CRAP. It's that time again! Week Three of the One Room Challenge! You can catch up on weeks one and two here and here. I'm not going to lie...this week snuck up on me! I got a few things done, but it was mostly in the form of decision making and not much in the way of doing things.

It's been really rainy and humid here this week, so I was going to spray paint the lamps but didn't have a chance to. Spray painting is so different here in an apartment building. Before we moved, I'd just go out into the backyard or into our garage and spray away. Here, I go out into the back alley and pray that no one has open windows above me! It's got to happen soon, though.

Here's the light pink I chose! I really like the red, but for this design, I think the pink is better suited for the room. (pardon the iPhone pictures)

Here is my little vanity nook in the corner of the room, behind the door. Do you recognize it from somewhere? We didn't have a place for it when we moved, so we put it here. I've never had a designated vanity space before, so it's been nice, functionally speaking. 

But it ain't pretty. It desperately needs a bigger mirror and a light, since it doesn't get much on this side of the room.

I'm really going for something like this, with a leaning mirror and a larger table. I'm pretty sure that this one is the Josephine Desk from World Market, which is SO PERFECT but might not be in the budget. I might have to do some finagling with my current table. Stay tuned!

We also have this awkward space between our closet doors. When we moved, I put my rast hack (throwback!) here, but it's not serving any purpose other than the fact that there was nowhere else to put it. 

Since we don't have much in terms of storage space, and I have lots and lots of shoes, I'd love to incorporate a vintage piece to place between the doors. My cats love jewelry and one of them is incredibly destructive (he was raised in a parking lot, true story), so I'd also like to be able to display jewelry out of reach. Something like this:

...or this:

Pretty, right? I'm going to have to do some serious thrifting over the next few weeks. And we have a headboard to build!


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