April 22, 2015


It's One Room Challenge Week Four! I can't believe that there are only two weeks left. If you're new to the blog, the ORC is a six week design challenge cooked up by Linda of Calling it Home. 20 talented designers have six weeks to completely revamp a room, and they share their posts every Wednesday. The challenge is open for others to play along and link up on Thursdays, and this is my third time participating! Somehow, it's week four already and I am feeling the pressure. You can catch up on my previous posts here:

Unfortunately, this seems like the week where everything went wrong. I found out that our new couch isn't going to arrive until JUNE (!!!), so we have to live with our current couch until then. This bums me out because I wanted to include our new couch in the challenge, but also because I was so ready to get rid of our couch. Bonfire, anyone? Kidding. Maybe.

But since we decided to go with a sectional, this gorgeous coffee table was out of the picture. It's too long, and didn't fit with the new couch. Bummer, because I had my heart set on it!

I have been searching high and low for another coffee table that I liked as much as that one that also fit in our budget. I scoured Craigslist everyday to no avail. Why are coffee tables so difficult? Well, luck was on my side again and I found a listing for this bamboo stunner on my local Craigslist.

An email and a few hours later, I picked it up! The woman selling it lived in my neighborhood, so it was just a five minute walk and a cheap Uber ride back to my apartment and it was all mine. She listed it for a great price, it will fit perfectly, and Fritters approves. 

I hung my new HomeGoods drapery, and I'm in love. I'm also working on my gallery wall and finished this ombre dot watercolor painting this week. The room is taking on much more of a blue and white theme than I originally thought, but I'm loving it!

I snagged this gold urchin at Target for $10. I keep moving it around the room, but I love how it looks everywhere I put it, so its location is still TBD.

I'm not loving my corner lamp situation (in that picture above), so I'm thinking about putting a tall fiddle leaf fig there. It's right by the window and I love indoor plants, so I'm going to Home Depot this week to see if I can find one!

I'm SO excited to receive my Orangerie pillow from Stuck on Hue. Even though it's not going to sit on our new couch for awhile, I'm hoping that it will make the old one look better.

So that's it! Not much progress to share with you, but hopefully in the next week I'll have a new rug, pillows, and art! Stay tuned ;)

Way Back When-sday // Painted Pillow DIY


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