October 30, 2014

One Room Challenge- Week 5 {BUILD ALL THE THINGS}

I CANNOT believe that there is one week left in this One Room Challenge. One week?! Where has all the time gone?! If you aren't familiar with the One Room Challenge, head over to Linda's blog and ask her why she picked the number six. Six weeks, that is. Is she/ are we crazy? Don't answer that.

Week five is the clutch week, or the week that I so affectionately like to call "BUILD ALL THE THINGS". Alternative titles were "PAINT ALL THE THINGS", and "DRINK ALL THE THINGS", but I think it's safe to say that I have all three titles covered. Also, we've reached the 'I have so much to finish but I also have a lot finished and I don't want to show you too much and spoil the reveal so you get to look at iPhone photos' portion of the challenge. Can any other participants relate?

First up, I gave my formerly bright red lamps a few glossy coats of a baby pink. One of the compromises of living in an apartment building is that there is no private backyard or garage area in which to spray paint. So, I dragged my supplies up to the roof and hoped that the wind wouldn't knock them over and/or blow dust all over the wet paint. It worked, and I'm loving the pink color!

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd already know that I began painting my curtain panels that I talked about last week. They turned out better than I'd hoped! I still have one panel to go. #thursdayplans

That concludes the "PAINT ALL THE THINGS" portion of this week's post, so let's move on to "BUILD ALL THE THINGS". Particularly, a king size headboard.

Thank you for all of your input on the shape of the headboard! You stopped me from choosing the least popular option, which literally no one chose. I was really torn between one and two, and didn't actually decide until we got home with all of our supplies and had to start cutting. You probably saw from my Insta teaser that we finally decided on a shape (number 1!), but here's our template before we started cutting. 

It was going so smoothly (although it was taking a long time) until we started stapling fabric to the built headboard. I knew this shape was going to be difficult to upholster, but I didn't know HOW difficult. At one point, I ripped all the fabric that I had just stapled off, grabbed two beers (both for me) from the fridge, and went to sit on the roof, all without saying a word. Nick was as frustrated as I was, so he followed gladly with his own beers. And yes, this would be the "DRINK ALL THE THINGS" portion of the project. But, thankfully, in the end, we have a headboard and we're not divorced, so it's a win-win! And I'm so in love... I texted a picture of it to my mom, and she responded with "Oh, wow! It's not as "Blanche Devereaux-ish as I thought it'd be!" Thanks for the confidence, mom :)

I also gave in and purchased what was apparently the last Josephine Desk within a 100 mile radius. It was a cinch to put together (especially compared to the headboard), and I love it! You can't beat it for the price, and it's even on sale.

I ordered a few samples of some pink tape from Fringe Market, and one of the nicest employees (hi, Melanie!) sent me samples of every pink trim they own. Oh my gosh...they are all so gorgeous! I have been debating every single day for five days, and I think I finally made a decision.

(which really ended up being the one I thought I'd like the most to begin with, haha). 

Meanwhile, the other members of this household have been doing a lot of this:

...and this:

Lazy. Don't they know we have an important reveal in a week?

Make sure to follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks of my ORC challenge!

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October 28, 2014

DIY FILES: Ikea Tarva Hack

A few weeks ago, I shared a pair of nightstands that I'm using for my One Room Challenge. I purchased two Ikea Tarva chests shortly after we moved, but I've only just recently put the finishing touches on. It was such a simple DIY that I wanted to share the details with you today!

The room looks quite different now that the ORC is almost over, so make sure to check back on Thursday when I share some updates to these red lamps!

The red stained legs paired with the white upper drawers gives these pieces almost a mid-century feel, but updated. 

Want to create one for yourself? Here's what you'll need!

ikea tarva hack

1. The three drawer Tarva chest from Ikea. This version is $79.99, but there is also a six drawer version that would make a great hack, too!

2. Updated hardware. You can use anything you want, but I went classic with some new antique brass ring pulls. I found the best deal on Amazon.

3. Paint and/or stain. I used Minwax stain in Colonial Maple for the legs, and Benjamin Moore's "Decorator's White" for the upper part of the chest. 

4. Approximately 6 days of your time. Not really, but almost. #ikeaproblems

I added a few scented drawer liners and drawer organizers for, you know, organization. We've never had matching nightstands in the five years that we've been married, so this is kind of a big deal to me. Also, I like to open the drawers to smell the fresh lavender and see all of my unmentionables sorted in specific bins. It really is the little things. ;)

The possibilities really are endless with these chests! I think they'd look great with some campaign hardware, or even painted all one bold color. So, get to hack-ing!

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October 24, 2014

FILE THIS: Friday Favorites

It's Friday! I don't know what I can say that's better sounding than that, so let's get right to it. Here's what I'm loving this week!

friday favorites

1. This wall calendar is gorgeous, and would incredible framed as a gallery wall installation after the year is finished!

2. Pretty and inexpensive hat.

3. Oh, how I wish I had room in the One Room Challenge budget for this stunner.

4. These knobs would be a great upgrade for the desk I included in this week's round-up!

5. This is pretty much the perfect little white desk, all it needs is some bling ;)

What are your plans for the weekend, anything exciting? I think Nick and I are going to try to tour Mount Vernon before it gets too cold to be outside. There's a Fall Festival going on there and the leaves are beautiful! Our main plans, however, include building a DIY headboard. Stay tuned and make sure you follow me on Instagram to get any sneak peeks!

Have a great weekend!

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